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Chockablock BOM 2023

A medallion sampler patchwork adventure! 16 blocks ranging in size from 3 to 18".

What is the Chockablock BOM?

Come and handpiece a quilt with me, Nic, and quilters from all over the world next year. This block of the month (BOM) will run February to November 2023 with the goal of a finished quilt top at the end.

Chockablock quilt is a medallion sampler, so we'll be building our quilts from the centre out with the goal of a finished quilt top by year's end. There are lots of fun blocks ranging from 3" up to 18" with a clever 'continuous' border to sew.

I'll show you how to confidently sew y-seams, partial seams and how to set your seams so you have nice flat, smooth blocks.  

What's included in the block of the month?

This block of the month (BOM) program includes:

  • Introduction document, including material requirements and colouring sheets for 3 sizes.
  • List of fabric requirements for 60" x 60", 90" x 90" and 96" x 96" sizes.
  • The BOM runs for 10 months. On the 1st of each month, starting February, ending November 
  • Monthly blocks emailed together with clear block construction illustrations, seam setting photos and tips for each block, total of 16 blocks ranging from 3" up to 18" in size
  • Hand piecing specific tips and tricks including some video instructions, covering off y-seams and partial seams, you'll be sewing them in no time with no issues
  • Template instructions included on how to make your own from the provided pattern as well as how to use the Eppiflex templates if you purchase them. PDF templates are included, purchasing templates is not required
  • The option to purchase pre-made Eppiflex templates
  • Exclusive free pattern, Housey Pouch, to make a pouch to store your templates
  • A specific online community for the BOM so you can chat and share your blocks and ask questions of the designer, me, Nic Vaughan
  • Monthly check-in from me including some video instruction for specific blocks
  • Big stitch quilting instructions and a hand quilting plan
  • BONUS: PDF Craftapalooza Designs pattern

Templates, hand piecing and machine sewing

Please note:

  • This is a template-driven block of the month, with some partial and y-seams, it's fabulous for hand-piecing, you can machine piece if you have the skills to do so, all the video and instructions are given with hand piecing in mind.
  • See the images for a preview of how the instructions will be provided. They’re detailed and I’ve got your back when it comes to y-seams and partial seams.
  • I have a blog post on templates if you're new to them or want some handy tips. 

Are there templates for this BOM?

YES! Templates are not required to be purchased. The PDF documents provided each month include the templates, you can print them out and make your own using template plastic or rigid board. Or you can do what I did the first time I made Chockablock, I sent the templates off to be printed on a heavier board and laminated, I then cut them out when they came back.

There is a set of physical templates available by Eppiflex that are made from BOPET (a thinner plastic that can be recycled, read more About BOPET - Scroll down). They're lighter and thinner than acrylic templates. A disclaimer. These will take a little getting used to, they are thinner and a little more slippery. But I believe the cost-saving, the lighter weight for postage and that they are recyclable are worth the effort. You will need to use a pattern weight or two for the larger block pieces (you'll need to do that anyhow for any template you use for this quilt) or Sewtites work really well with these templates. So please consider that before purchasing. I also have a Templates for patchwork about templates including information about Eppiflex. Please note if you are familiar with Eppiflex, these are setup for hand piecing, so a single set of each block will be provided. Watch the video below on using the BOPET templates.

How do I order the templates?

Click any of the sign me up buttons on this page and you'll have the option to purchase the BOM + templates. Please note these are produced on demand and take 3-4 weeks to produce plus shipping. Pricing also includes shipping, there are two options, shipping to Australia or rest of world. You'll receive tracking information once the templates are on their way to you.

Block of the Month Outline

Nic Vaughan